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An App for Vanillaforums App - Introduction



edited July 2017 in General

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to share with you the coming of Vanilla App. For about 9 months me and a team of 2 developers have been working - aside of our regular projects - on an app for Vanillaforums for iOS.

I am engaged with forums for over 15 years now. About 11 of them with Vanillaforums. I was a big fan from the early beginning when Mark developed the initial version of Vanilla. In the years I have managed, moderated, designed several forums on different platforms (phpBB, Simplemachines, Phorum, etc.) and have been an active part of many communities myself. All those communities provided me with more knowledge and information than Facebook or other supercorporate social networks ever did. Forums do that for you. That is why I support and work with Vanillaforums.

With the rise of very big players like Facebook and Snapchat, many forum communities with a distinctive topic were ripped apart. People jumped the ship, discussing got lazy, many forum softwares didn't adapt to this new style of discussing with each other. Often because of the big old code structure and compatibility issues, often also just because the web become more technical and... mobile.

Although several forum solutions offer mobile designs only a few offer a high level native mobile app to their community. Especially Vanillaforums, funky and fast in it's usability is lacking any app solution so far. It became about time for that.

This is why I started this project. Partly for my own communities, partly to give communities a better way to interact with each other and last but not least to white label a qualitative native app solution for your Vanillaforum to you.

Go to the info-website for the Vanilla App:

Download the test app for iOS:

Testdrive the App for example in this thread:

Write me an email:

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