Voice of the young

Many a times the voice of the young girl/boy, the teenage girl/boy isn't always heard. Many lurk in the shadows and are masked under various things. I thought why not have a platform where we can speak out and be us.. in our realest form..


  • Very true...I guess it's time that we start getting hard. Maybe because most youths are afraid of people shutting out their opinions that they keep lurking in the dark.
  • I think it's best if the young people speak out and show their true selves to the society...maybe this way, we will be listened to. Our creative ideas can be really helpful and I k ow for sure they can take us to places....it's to me to shine because we were made to shine...we were made to be conquerers and to be champions. We got each other's backs and together we can support each other to dare to do what we've been dreaming to do for so long. We don't have to stay in the dark anymore. Speak out people! We are not so sure of our tomorrow...so better do it now...!!
  • The dark can be a beautiful place and can also be a deadly place... I'm here.. I'm listening... I'm afraid of the dark as well... Are you?
  • What does it feel like?
    It feels like something pressing down on my chest, an anvil perhaps?
    Everything is constricted, my emotions, the thoughts, the air in me..
    Hello is anyone there?
  • I am afraid of the dark too. 😔 Its just like you said...everything is so constricted. Everything is pressing in against me in the dark...it's like I'm begging for air. For anything to hang on to. Anything!!! It isn't pleasant. Even though sometimes it can be a beautiful place sometimes, where I can be alone, with no negativity sureounding me, no hatred from people around me...to be alone for a while, but sometimes, the dark can be so soul killing, when you need someone the most...but turn around to find nothing, just you and your thoughts. I wouldn't want anybody to stay in the dark, and get used to it. It's an endless pit. That's why it's time to say that enough is enough. To say that it's time to be heard.
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